10 Good Reasons Your business should Locate in Phillip ACT

10 Good Reasons Your business should Locate in Phillip ACT

Phillip ACT is strategically located between Civic and Tuggeranong. With Athllon drive on the East for fast access, Phillip is an ideal suburb to locate any business wanting to service the ACT community.

Here are our 10 Good reasons why your Business should locate in Phillip.

  1. Strategically Located. Phillip is served well by public transport with the Woden Bus interchange close by. Quick access is available from both Tuggeranong, Belconnen and Civic town centres
  2. Parking. Strategically, Phillip has more free car parking than any other business area in the ACT. Free parking works for staff and customers alike.
  3. Close to Medical infrastructure. Philip is the closest service/business/trades area to the ACT largest hospital in Woden. Businesses servicing medical needs can locate close by.
  4. Adjacent to Woden Town centre. Philip is right next to the Westfield complex with its shopping and food choices. Several public departments are located in Woden giving good access to Government services.
  5. Redevelopment Opportunities. The Phillip trades precinct is identified as a redevelopment opportunity in the Woden Master plan by the ACT Government. With redevelopment comes the need to service those new businesses and residents. Many parts of Phillip can support for 4 to 6 story buildings.
  6. Growth. The Phillip precinct will benefit from the growth of new residential development along Athllon drive towards Mawson. Businesses located close to this development will benefit from an influx of new customers and potential employees.
  7. Employment. There is substantial employment not only in Phillip but in adjacent Woden. Centres of excellence like the Canberra Institute of Technology are close by. The 5k radius from Phillip reveals over 40,000 residents. Unlike many other parts of the ACT, there are areas large areas of population in all directions.
  8. Future Transport – Athlon Drive will have the tramway added to extend to Tuggeranong town centre. This will add more transport options for Phillip, bounded on two sides by the Intertown Public transport route.
  9. Lower Cost – to locate in Phillip is a lower cost than comparable areas. This won’t always be the case, opportunities exist now to take advance of lower rental rates.
  10. Access to high-quality space. A number of rental opportunities exist to take advantage of the region.

The Phillip service and trades areas will continue to provide important services in the town centre. Medium-density residential development will be encouraged along Townshend Street and fronting the pocket parks in Colbee Court and Dundas Court to bring more activity to the precinct outside of the typical working week. The Athllon Drive precinct will combine residential and recreation uses that support future public transport and provide an attractive place for people to live.

This precinct will provide medium and high-density residential development that is supported by areas of open space and recreational uses. Yarralumla Creek provides opportunities to enhance the corridor through improvements to the creek and inclusion of a range of recreation activities for local residents.

Capital Centre in Shea St Phillip is the cornerstone of the redevelopment of the Phillip precinct. Designed by leading ACT architects, this two-story contemporary building features a 100+  underground car park, leading environmental energy sustaining features and various areas for both work and recreation.Capital Holdings Group: Property Development, Investment and Management

The Capital Centre has a number of leasing and development opportunities that suit professional organisations. Ideally suited to the development of coworking spaces, the developers will work with an operator to develop leading spaces for co-working to take advantage of the new growth that the Woden Valley is experiencing.

Do you want to take the next step and locate to Phillip? Capital Centre has leasing opportunities for your business growth. Contact us to secure your future.


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