Capital Holdings Property Group owns a diversified investment portfolio of office, storage, medical, industrial and residential land properties. Rental income from these properties is the largest contributor to the earnings of the Group. Capital Holdings’ disciplined property selection process maintains a  focus on fundamental real estate value.

Capital Holdings seeks mispriced assets with short term imperfections in fundamentals, such as temporary flaws in leasing, management or capital structures. Capital Holdings pursues transformational events that will drive an asset’s value


The Capital Holdings Group is primarily a property based business that designed, constructed & operated 8 Self Storage facilities and 3 Business centres, comprising a total over 100,000 sqm of industrial and commercial real estate in the ACT and NSW. Our properties have won major Awards.

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Since commencement in 1988, our group has undertaken in addition to real estate development, management and finance activities involving non-traditional & equity lending, property feasibility and management consultancies for companies. To learn more about our management, click below.

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Our Group has significant equity in over 100 properties located in Australia, UK and Asia. With our directly owned and operated business centre and medical centre in Canberra, we have a diversified real estate investment portfolio. To learn more about our Investments, click below.

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Good projects require good feasibility. There is little doubt that homework has to be done in order for any commercial development to be successful. Capital Holdings Group can undertake specialist feasibility work for your commercial development. Not all projects are feasible given the investment parameters and costly mistakes can be avoided in the development cycle with good feasibility.

Investment Partnerships

Our group actively seeks investment partnerships and joint ventures where we can be actively involved in commercial projects. This is a hands-on role for us and not a back seat investor model. Any project that we would actively partner in requires an in-depth study as to the projects feasibility and cash sourcing. If you have an interesting project that you think might fit our model, please contact us.

Mezzanine debt financing

Our group can provide limited mezzanine debt financing for specific commercial projects that are of merit. This financing is typically short-term 12 to 24 months and requires monthly interest coverage with debt repayment at the end of the period. Mezzanine debt financing is subject to suitable security being provided to the group.